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A mini luxury program at the Alpenhof Family Hotel

A spa holiday for babies and toddlers

At the Alpenhof we look to promote the child’s well-being and to strengthen the bond between parent and child in a harmonious environment and through. Babies and toddlers love physical contact. They love having the freedom to splash around to their hearts’ content. They also love experiencing new sensations and impressions.  What we offer here at the Alpenhof is a children’s program which is varied, gentle and completely catered to the needs of the individual child. Look forward to some quality and enriching time together.

Splashing around with babies and toddlers: the Alpenhof Water World

Water is every child’s favourite element. It’s even better at the Alpenhof Water World, where you can enjoy the experience with your little ray of sunshine. Warm natural mountain spring water combined with a relaxing ambience and spectacular views. There’s a separate pool for babies and toddlers, where the little ones can thrash and splash to their hearts’ content. 30cm deep and with a temperature of 33 degrees, this pool will have your little ones gargling with happiness.  

Baby yoga and tender cuddles 

Gentle movement and soothing physical contact. Baby Yoga is a wonderful health program for babies and toddlers. Not only does it support their physical development, it’s also excellent for their motor skills and digestion. At the Alpenhof Family Hotel you can book one-off Baby Yoga sessions (20 min. / € 20.00) or group courses as included in our “Baby’s Best” summer and winter packages.

Those first exciting moments in the water 

Whilst baby swimming isn’t exactly proper swimming, the two do have one thing in common: they’re both about having fun whilst moving and splashing around. Water is a familiar thing for babies from their time in the womb. In a pool it stimulates their movements and sensory faculties, creates new impressions and promotes their mental development. Our courses will teach you how to properly hold your baby in the water, thereby helping you to deepen the physical and emotional bond between you.


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